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Awe-Inspiring Graphic Designer Kajang Services

Graphic Design Kajang Services

Make a difference with great design

Visually compelling designs can be very well the decisive point between winning a business or losing it. Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia understand the importance of enchanting customers with stunning visuals. We have the experience and expertise that allows us to cast that magic across a huge range of visual media. Whether it’s a logo, flyer or website, we have the experience, resource and the creative juice to get it right for you. Get in touch for our graphic design Kajang services today!

We are a team of freelance designers giving edge to businesses with our passion for graphics. We love our job and the freedom as a freelancer. We can move around about anywhere that we find interesting and at the same time keeping ourselves productive.

Being outside of office environment is one of the factors for our creativity as we are not confined within the walls of an office. You’ll find our designs different in a good way! Get in touch for our graphic design Kajang now!

Our Graphic Design Kajang Services


Whatever that a business may need, we can design for everything. Here’s some of the graphic design services that we provide for local businesses.

brochure design
Brochure Design
flyer design service
Flyer Design
logo design malaysia
Logo Design
Photo Editing/Manipulation
cartoon sticker design
Sticker Design
menu design malaysia
Menu Design

More of Our Services

The world is shifting towards the digital world. Which is why, we extend our services to website design as well. Here’s more of our services. Here’s more of our graphic design Kajang services:

poster design malaysia
Poster Design
floral name card design
Name Card Design
banner design malaysia
Banner Design
Website Design
Bunting Design
Catalog Design

Our Graphic Designer Services in Kajang will prove to be an essential piece on the board that can help you win the marketing game. Can’t find the your desired services in our list? Worry not, we design pretty much everything that you can think of and it’s way too much to be tiled here. Feel free to contact us for more info!

Be a brand above. Let's get started!

We love to work with you. Here’s a brief idea on our process:

We will discuss on the artwork to be created. Along the process, we will get to know your business and what are the elements we can bring into the design. We will then list out the artwork to be done and the fees involved.

After we reached an agreement on the design specifications, the client is required to pay 50% of the fees before we can proceed to the next stage.

We shall begin squeezing the freshest creative juice for your designs. As it progresses, we may contact our client to get further clarification if any.

We will send our artwork to the client to get feedback. We will then make amendments accordingly. Please refer to our service terms to understand the limitations of our amendments.

After we have finalized the design which the client will agree on. The client has to pay the remaining 50% of the fees. Then, our designers will send the deliverables to our clients.

Design is more than just making it look good. It’s about strategic problem-solving that gives an impact and generates leads for your business.

Brand Vitality By Design

Our multi talented freelance designers can bring your ideas to life. It doesn’t matter if it is for print or digital, we have unrivalled skills and experience to creating design files that work well in both. We also have skills in brand, marketing and technology that works together with our client’s brand to improve their businesses. Give us a ring for our graphic design Kajang services today.

Areas of Service

Our graphic design services for Kajang focuses on brand experience as well as creating engaging connections between businesses and their respective audiences. We don’t only work for companies and individuals in Kajang but with others throughout Malaysia as well.

Graphic Design With Purpose, Clarity and Kick

Every successful brand has one thing in common. They create a wave every time they release a campaign or launching their marketing project. Everything that the company does, says and produce reflect and the values of their brand.

We understand the value of a brand and its influence on the public. People don’t just go for a product or service for no reason. They judge a brand by their outer appearance. When we talk about outer appearance it refers to the promotional visuals that they see. If they buy it, then they will want to look at the brand’s website. All of these slowly warms them up into a hot lead. And graphic design is the front line of all these.

Custom Graphic Design Kajang Done Efficiently

The way you present your idea matters. It has to look good and the message also must mean well and able to connect with the target prospects. These are part of what makes successful marketing plan.

In Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia, we create custom visuals that would suit your brand. We don’t just want it to look good. We need it to be compatible with your brand as well.

All these when done perfectly will be able to connect well with the audience. It should not be too fancy that it brings the focus away. But rather amplifies the message of your brand. Only then, they can understand what the brand is offering. Our graphic design Kajang experts can help you greatly in this!

Design Solutions For Any Media

There are a lot of media out there such as catalog, brochure and menu. Each of them has their own purpose as well as their unique way to show things to the audience. It’s our second nature to take the fullest advantage of each media and to design them perfectly so that they prove to be an effective piece of marketing collateral that converts.

Why Choose Us?


We price our design services at reasonable rate and ensure our quality of service.

Outstanding graphic design services 

We are experienced at what we do and is skillful to deliver satisfying graphic designs.

Innovative Touch In Our Designs

We always hunt for new design trends to improve our visuals.

Designs That Grabs Attention

A design needs to get the right attention only then people will read the rest of it. We know this well and execute it perfectly.

Design Experts

We are experienced with various industries. We design by experience and making each media effective for the brand.

We Help Your Business Stand Out

We make your brand shine brighter than your competitors. Great graphics also will be perceived as having better quality in public’s eyes.

We are fast with the tools that we use. So, stand to be reliable for our clients to deliver the artwork on time.

Increase in Sales

Our understanding in brands help with our design efforts. We make designs that leaves good impression which leads to more customers.

We Help Your Brand To Be Successful

The graphics we do for our client indirectly makes them our ambassadors. We help brands to be successful in turn we get paid.

Design Your Brand's Presence with Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia

Whether you are a blogger looking for someone to lay down the visual foundation for your brand or a start-up just getting ready to rock the world, we can help you to get the leading start. 

Every client that we work with automatically becomes our ambassadors. We create great visuals that help our client because it’s  reflection of our brand as well. 

We observe the industry and see our client’s brand in the market. Then, we fill up the missing elements in terms of visual to help propel our client’s brand to the top.

With careful and well-placed elements on the design, we do more than just making a graphic visually attractive. We back our designs with strategies to ensure it is aligned with the message of your brand.

We strive to be a reliable and reputable presence in the world of graphic design in Kajang and also the whole Malaysia! Contact us today!


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