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Innovative logo design, supported by strategic thinking

Logo and brand personality configuration is a basic piece of any fruitful business. At the point when progressed admirably, a painstakingly considered brand can lift an organization higher than ever of achievement and productivity.

Our innovative strategy draws on the ability and experience of our group to guarantee your organizations interesting objectives and prerequisites are obliged. We try to make in excess of a logo. We assemble the establishments for a solid and fruitful brand.


Our logo portfolio is wide spread across industry

We have created hundreds of logos for organizations and associations, all things considered, sizes, foundations and enterprises. Whatever your business, we can make an answer customized to your one of a kind necessities and particulars.

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Our logo designs are deliberately intended to fulfill all our standard design criteria.

Logo is not to be taken lightly. A logo is quite possibly the most significant asset each business possesses. Be certain that your logo design fits the following best practices.

Initial perception

A potential client takes under 3 seconds to choose if they will put any additional time in a company’s items or administrations. A logo is frequently the primary thing they see and the premise on what this choice is made. Establishing an incredible first connection is critical!

Brand Loyalty

If a client connects your logo with a good memory, and surprisingly better, a good inclination, they are considerably bound to recall you and find you once more. Whenever trust is set up individuals will search you out. Your logo is their direction locater!


There is more decision accessible to purchasers than any other time. A logo is a method for standing apart from the group, to remain a stride in front of the opposition and attract the spotlight a jam-packed commercial center. Command the notice of forthcoming customers with a logo that is fitting, straightforward and unmistakable.

Contributing Now, Saves Later

Going with a handy solution, or staying with an ineffectively planned or unseemly logo may truth be told lead to costs later on that might have been kept away from. Future modify, rebrands, changes and irregularities would all be able to be kept away from with an all around considered brand mark.

Brand Foundation

At the point when progressed admirably, a decent logo is the first and most significant structure square of a companys whole brand. All components of a businesss marking ought to be steady and strong. The most ideal method for guaranteeing this is to begin from the logo up!


A logo is a significant believability anchor for any business. It shows that an organization is proficient and grounded. To not have a logo at all can give the contrary impression, that a business is scattered, unpracticed or even conniving.

We offer branding and logo design Penang wide


Getting everything rolling is simple

At Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia, we make it simple to kick things off with a logo or personality configuration task of your own. Your business will be looking better than anyone might have expected in the blink of an eye!

Reach out to us

Contact us to have a chat. We will get to know your business, concepts and ideas.


We will form out a quotation based on the discussed logo design requirements.


Once agreed, we will further research on logo before designing commence.

Discover more with regards to what goes into making all of our logo designs. Our enthusiasm and scrupulousness is the thing that assists us to make the best logo design Penang wide.


What is included in our logo design package?

Remembered for each logo bundle is all that you really want to launch your new business or give a current brand personality a new look.

Your brand new logo

The ideal logo for your business, provided in a mock up (by request) or on white background so you get to see it in action.

Transparent background image

A versatile logo with transparent background so you can place it on any documents or on top of any social media posts.

Illustrator file

A designer document that acts like a recipe. Essential file needed by printing agency to print out quality logo be it on your shirt, name card, etc.


Our essential interaction removes the mystery from your logo

In case you are on the chase after a great Penang logo design, we offer an expert logo configuration administration that can convey only that!

Notwithstanding, just as guaranteeing you have an expert logo design that is important and suitable for your business needs, we are pleased to offer a wide scope of visual communication administrations dependent on obviously characterized objectives, and top to bottom brand system.

Before our logo planners get to figure out we first track down what is most important to your business! Blending your logo plan with a fitted brand system permits us to paint as large an objective as conceivable to focus on. This guarantees your logo architect can make the ideal image for your remarkable necessities.

Outfitted with information about your ideal interest group, how to separate from your rivals, your brands human character qualities, how you convey, and your unmistakable image story, our logo designers can make a brand that associates with your crowd on an unheard of level!

Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia is a Penang logo design team not at all like some other. We don’t simply make logos, we assemble brands. Visit with us today regarding how blending a logo design with our image system administration can assist your business with flourishing.

Branding and Logo Design Penang and Beyond

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