Professional Photo Editing Service Malaysia

photo editing service malaysia

Photo Editing Service Malaysia

We have unparalleled experience in photo editing service in Malaysia. Improving and enhancing digital photos is what we do best. There are tons of ways in which we can edit a certain image. Here are some of them: 

    • Lighten dark photos
    • Correct poor color
    • Remove red eye
    • Change shirt color
    • Fix skin appearance
    • Remove the background of product images
    • Merge photos together
    • Create funny photos to tease your friends
    • Basic retouch – whiten teeth, remove blemishes and more
    • Clipping mask service – remove unwanted elements
    • Add art style and effects

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    Your Memorable Photos Deserve The Best Photo Editing Service

    We focus on delivering works above expectations. We accept any scale of the job big or small. We take things seriously even if it involves editing a single photo. Here’s 3 simple steps on how we work with you to get your photo editing done!

    give your instructions on photo editing

    Send photo – Email us the best quality image that you possibly can to

    detail out the photo editing instructions

    Give instructions – describe in detail how you want the photos to be edited in the email message

    we will send you back the edited photo

    Get your photo – we will send the edited photo back to you within 48 hours

    See some photo editing examples of before and after

    Before portrait editing

    before portrait photo editing

    After portrait editing

    after portrait photo editing

    Special thanks to Valerie for allowing us to share her portrait that is beautifully edited by us. Follow here on IG @valerie.seow

    Before photo editing to remove tree


    After photo editing to remove tree


    Before photo editing to add logo on a building


    After photo editing to logo on a building

    photo retouch service malaysia

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    Experts of Photomanipulation

    Ever want your friends’ face on someone else’s body? Or have your pet resized bigger than you that you can ride it? Anything in your wildest imagination, we can realize it with our photo manipulation services!

    What is Photo Manipulation?

    Photo manipulation is the combination of several images into one. Simply put it, it allows the creation of stunning visuals that surpass reality. You can create pretty much anything in a convincing manner. Want to see a cow with wings? Photomanipulation is the answer. It is also known as photo compositing.

    The following is an example of photo manipulation at work. On the “before” image, you get to see parts of 5 individual images. Through blending, masking and whole other techniques, the images are combined into a new realistic image on the “after”.

    Now, it looks like the diver is swimming away from a scary monster from the depths! Truly, imagination is the limit.

    before photo edit
    after photo edit

    Shooting Photo Portraits for Your Products or Models?

    taking photo to edit

    Need a perfect background for your photos? Hire Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia today. We will alter your product images and model photoshoot with our photo editing skills. We can remove even the most complex background images.


    Quality of your product images influence buyer’s intent. Most buyers prefer photos with a larger key object, a warmer color, a higher contrast, a higher depth-of-field, and more social presences.


    We understand how to play with the elements that brings the most impact. Photo editing is not just about making it visually presentable. It’s also about knowing how control the color correction and necessary manipulation.

    Why Choose Us?

    Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia offers quality photo editing and retouching service. We also provide photoshop services and graphic design services to customers all over the world and not limited to Malaysia. 

    We dive deep into our client’s requirements to understand the intent clearly to ensure that they get the highest quality service that fulfills their needs. 

    Regardless it’s portrait photo, event photo, wedding photo, product photo or more, we can edit them the right way!

    coffee meditation created using photo manipulation
    goose express created using photo compositing

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    Chances are, you’re busy and look to get your business off the ground as soon as possible. Look no further, we’re like an extension of your team. Let us shoulder part of your workforce with our photo editing service Malaysia experts.

    If you have any enquiries or require support on sending photos or instructions to edit, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our photo editing service Malaysia will get you satisfying results!