Catalog Design Malaysia

catalog design malaysia

Catalog Design Malaysia

An effective catalog design is not just about getting the size, varieties and colors right in each product range. It is also about organizing the information in a logical way that is clear for the user to intuitively navigate to the category or section that they are interested in. 

Most catalog designs stuff every single page with information. This can look both cheap and also confusing to the reader. 

At Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia, we put the target audience into consideration when designing the catalog. We would recommend the best page density and white space that suits your content to give you the best result for your business. 

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We use various visual elements such as icons, diagrams and flowcharts as needed to communicate information and highlight complex processes effectively. Splitting the order process into steps would help the reader feel much comfortable on how to order from the catalog design.

We can also translate your online shop into a print catalog. Regardless of your product, we can assist in putting up the best catalog design in Malaysia for you.

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The elements of a good catalog design in Malaysia: 

  • Matching design with target lifestyle desires – people buy because they envision the lifestyle that they get. Show the customer the lifestyle they can attain, then you will sell more products. 
  • Align catalog design with target market – catalog for business-to-business should be different from business-to-consumer. The same goes with age range. Designs for young people will have a different look than for older people. 
  • Cross-sell opportunities – suggesting companion products with the main product will increase sales opportunities. 
  • Great photos – photos worth a thousand words. Products captured perfectly make a huge difference. 
  • The paper edge – readers usually look at the top right before going to another page. Putting engaging products at these corners would increase the chance to captivate them. 
  • Consistent type styles – 2 to 3 fonts is the maximum font that one can use to keep the catalog clean and consistent. 
  • More space for top sellers – top selling products should have larger space to gain more attention on the catalog design.