Terms of Service

This section describes the terms of the graphic design services that Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia provides pertaining to the charges, revision, image and source files delivery and more. 

Graphic Design Payment Terms 

  • 50% deposit is required before the designer will begin the designing process. 
  • Please kindly provide payment as well as payment advice upon completion of the work request before the next step. 
  • The files will be emailed accordingly after. 


  • An image format such as .jpg and .png will be delivered. 
  • The working file such as .psd and .ai files contain the editable format of the design. This will also be sent to the client. This file is essential for any future amendments, generating image format files including pdf as well as sent to printing companies for production. 
  • Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia will not hold the working files after successful completion of the design tasks. 

Revision of Designs

  • Every design will have a revision count. A revision is in which clients are required to list out the desired changes on the design. Designer will make amendments according to the list. This first list of amendments is called the first revision. 
  • After amendments, designers will send the artwork to be reviewed by the client. If there’s any other changes, the client is required to make another list of revisions. This is counted as 2nd revision. 
  • There may be a revision limit according to the types of design. 
  • Exceeding this revision limit will subject the client to additional revision charges. 
  • Once the final designs are delivered, any additional change requests will be subject to additional charges. 
  • Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia will not be responsible for any other changes that are made by third parties or by clients themselves. 

Design Resources From Clients

  • All design requirements need to be communicated beforehand. Clients are responsible to be as detailed as possible on their designing descriptions. 
  • Any graphical elements that need to be incorporated into the design needs to be emailed to us prior to designing. Such design elements are such (but not limited to):
    • Company logo
    • Company corporate color code
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Company address
    • Slogan
    • Copywriting to be included in the design
    • Artwork screenshot/sample that has the look and feel that the client wish to have for the design if any
    • Company font
    • Images that wish to be included in the artwork – please attach high quality images only. The quality of the final image will be dependent on the provided image from the client’s side
    • Any additional add ons to be included in the flyer – qr code, social media account name, etc
    • Desired deliverable format: .jpg, .psd/.ai, .pdf
    • Size of the artwork. e.g. A4, etc – client may need to request templates from printing agencies that they work especially for die cut designs 

Errors In The Design

  • We will use the copywriting, slogan and texts provided by the clients only. 
  • Should there be any errors of any forms such as spelling, capitalization and grammar, Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia will not be held responsible for it. Please kindly proofread and check the resources before emailing it to us. 

Confidentiality of The Design

  • Any details big or small that the client’s wish to be kept confidential should be informed to us firsthand. 
  • This includes the use of images that are provided by the client in which the client and the client only hold the right to the use of such images. 

Design Backup

  • Once the final project has been delivered to the client, we will not store it in our database. So, please take care of the final files for future needs if any. 
  • We strongly advise the client to store their files on company shared folders, hard disks or any virtual storage platforms such as Google Drive. 

Cancellation of Design Request

  • Should the client wish to cancel the design request after the starting of the project, the client will be subject to a cancellation fee. The fee charged will be our hourly rate. And the hours will be the time that we have spent on the design. We’re all trading time for money after all. Rest assured that the fee will not exceed 100% of the total project cost. It will be fair to both sides.
  • Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia has the right to reject or decline a work request from the client. Upon doing so, we will refund back the money that the client had paid. 

Use of Final Artwork

  • Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia has the right to use the completed project as part of our portfolio without client’s consent. 
  • Should the client want the design to be kept private for their use only, please kindly send us a request. We will be happy to comply. 

Clients We Work With 

  • To establish a greater reputation of Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia, we retain the rights to showcase the company logo and brands that we have worked with. In this case, the client’s logo will be displayed on our website without client’s consent. 
  • Please kindly request for removal if there is any concern. We will be happy to oblige as well. 

Compliance To Terms of Service

Upon employing our service at Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia, the clients agree to the terms of service stated on this page. Should the client do not agree, please refrain from using our services.

Changes on Terms of Service

Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia has the right to change this terms of service at any time without any notifications to our clients or visitors of this website. 

Should there be any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us!