best color for business cards

Best Color for Business Cards

Colors are decisive for the success of your communication, especially if we talk about the materials that represent your company or your person. Therefore, it is very important to know the meaning of the colors to use them correctly in your Business Card design, since most of the time you offer them in a first contact with a possible client or supplier. This is just one of the many reasons, to have total attention and care when creating your cards. You must take into account from the size to the type of font that you will use, since everything together must convey professionalism and to reap the full advantage of business card in marketing. Today, we will breakdown the best color for business cards by their psychology effect.

Psychology of Colors

The study of colors has always aroused great interest by philosophers and scientists. Thanks to this, various theories developed over the years. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was the first to argue that color does not depend only on light and environment, but also on our perception of objects.

Factors such as gender, age, culture and even current trends have an influence on the interpretation that each person makes of colors and, therefore, it is essential to know the public to whom your Business Cards will be delivered and what the message is. that you intend to convey: enthusiasm, emotion and tranquility are some of the reactions that can be achieved through colors.

In design, composition and organization are quite influenced by color, since the meaning of colors also has to do with the hierarchy of information. Therefore, you must take into account both the colors for Business Cards and the information that you are going to include. Adding creative elements to the back of the business card helps too!

Meaning of the colors


Red is a strong color, associated with heat and passion. This is the best color for business cards in the food industry. It causes an increase in appetite, that is why it is widely used by companies within the catering industry. It is an energetic color, it stimulates action, movement and urgency. It is quite effective in marketing actions to lead the customer to make decisions. Sometimes red is associated with businesses that represent fast service.


Yellow is the brightest and most energetic of all the hot colors. Stimulates optimism, creativity and helps concentration. It is normally associated with the beach and sun, being widely used for marketing campaigns carried out during the summer. Watch out! Also excessive use of this color can cause anxiety. You can include yellow within the colors for Business Cards, as long as you use it discreetly, for example, to enhance the contacts of your company.


Blue is a cold color, which thanks to its association with the sea and / or the sky transmits serenity, confidence and security, creating contemplation and spirituality. It can work perfectly as the best color for Business Cards related to areas of health, cleaning, sports, among many others. You should know that this color is one of the favorites of the public.


Green is the color of balance, nature and tranquility, at the same time it transmits a relaxing effect. This is the best color for business cards of brands or companies related to healthy eating, spas or spaces with natural and biological products. This is also a color associated with environmental and business themes such as gardening or golf courses.


This is a neutral color, quite related to technology. Within the meaning of colors, this is used mainly for secondary information, allowing to enhance other colors. Gray is a masculine color, which represents sobriety and implements harmony in communication.


The color of peace, simplicity and honesty. White represents “perfection” in businesses such as: medical offices or even companies related to cleaning, since it also symbolizes harmony and organization. This is not the best color for business card to be used alone. It is often accompanied with other colors and you can use white as a background.


The color of elegance and sophistication. Black creates a strong impact, chosen by luxury brands and / or premium services, mainly aimed at the male audience. If you want to convey a feeling of exclusivity, black is the ideal color. It can be used as a neutral color in conjunction with others to enhance certain information.

In short, in the application of the best color for Business Cards, do not forget your target audience, since it should be your objective to transmit the communication and feelings that you intend to make known. Colors are allies for the success of your communication: take these tips into account and ensure that your company stands out when delivering Business Cards. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Our local creative designers will be able to help your business shine!

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