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Menu is one of the most important advertising materials to show off the great experience that your customer is about to enjoy in their mouth. Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia is now offering menu design price Malaysia at an affordable rate to kickstart your business.

The menu design price Malaysia costs RM 300 as start. Depending on the number of pages to be designed, food photos to be edited and sub highlighted pages, price can vary.

Hold your breath as we’re about to dive into designing this piece of advertising that every of your guests will look at! Having an attractive and clean menu is one important point that describes your brand. With us, you’re in good hands!

Affordable Menu Design Price Malaysia

Get your customers hungry with our appetizing menu design today! 

What Will You Get With Our Menu Design Service?

Our goal is to design a fascinating menu that fits the theme of your restaurant as well as delivering your brand message. Here’s what we will offer in our menu design:

  • Quality general food images – Having visually compelling food images is one of the most important factors in menu design that actually drives people into ordering it. We can look for the best food photo that fits your menu well. Note that the stock photos we provide are depending on the availability of such images in the service provider that we are engaged with.
  • Photo editing of your food images – If you have or about to take the photos of your own food, we can advise you on the angle to approach based on the design of the menu. Or, if you already have nice looking food photos taken with your own camera, we can help you to edit them accordingly to have consistent colors, brightness, contrasts, etc.
  • Close communication all the way – You communicate directly with the designer. This is one important step as it helps to reduce miscommunication. Talking with the master of the craft can help you to develop the creative menu that is designed to impress and entice guests. From font usage, color selection, use of whitespace and photos, all will be handled by our expert graphic designers. Therefore, close communication and discussion will help to generate the best menu design that your restaurant will ever need.

Get An Effective Menu Design With Our Budget-friendly Menu Design Price Malaysia Right Now!

Whether it’s a fancy restaurant or a local diner, the menu needs to be well crafted from the shoes of the customer. As the creative mastermind behind the menu design, we put our insight, as well as your brand vision as guidance to formulate the whole representation of your brand experience through the menu.  

Keeping the brand theme aligned throughout all the guest-facing media is essential. This includes the menu design! Consistency in brand design is one of the vital roles in success of a restaurant as it becomes a recognizable style that spreads across the chain. This helps greatly in increasing repetitive customers. 

Put your best dishes and drinks in a grand stage, the menu. A great menu design will get your customers to be engaged immediately. Fill it with all the awe and wonder that your kitchen offers and watch their eyes ping-pong from item to item. We at Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia are experts at creating menus that appeal to what the customers want to put into their mouth. We also craft a menu that sends the brand’s design aesthetic, inviting the customer to a dance of flavor!


We know the ingredients of a good menu design

Make your investment worth on our menu design price. We put extra consideration into the menu design with the following points:

Putting limited choices – too many options induce decision fatigue. Hence, you may find most customers stick to what they know. 

The golden triangle – there’s a special placement in which we designers call the golden triangle. We will put the most profitable items in the center and this area expands to the top right and left corners. 

Color match – color impacts appetite. Psychological impact of color affects our choice of food and this has been true since ancient times. 

There’s more elements that make up a menu design. Looking to get menu design that helps to boost profit? Get in touch with us today. 

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