characteristics of a great logo

characteristics of a great logo

A logo is the logo of a company, organization or brand. A logo can also only consist of the company name and therefore only made out of words. There’s also other types of logo styles but all contributes to the recognisability and brand awareness of an organization or business. Therefore, they are incorporated in all communication and advertising. In fact, a logo is indispensable for your company. But don’t think that every logo is just fine: there are certain characteristics that make a logo strong. It is important that these characteristics are incorporated into the logo design, because this is the only way it works and contributes to a professional image of your company. In this article we will breakdown the characteristics of a great logo design. Let’s dive in.

1. Simplicity

Simplicity is one of the biggest qualities of a good logo. A good logo does not have to be complicated at all. In fact, it is always recommended to choose a simple design. A simple company logo is easier to recognize and remember. This is one crucial benefits of logo. And that is of course the purpose of the design. In addition, a simple design can be applied much more flexibly in all kinds of communications. For example, consider that people pass a logo on a poster or billboard at great speed and therefore only have a very short time to recognize it. So a simple design is really important.

2. Timeless

As a company, you usually first have to invest heavily in building brand awareness and a clientele. A logo helps with this. However, it is important that the design is timeless. This is one of the main principle of logo design that is heavily looked on. This is so that you do not need a new version every few years. Then you have to take a few steps back to achieve the same recognisability again. A strong logo is still strong in 20 years and does not need to be adapted to keep up with the times. So no temporary trends should be included in the design.

3. Recognizable

A strong company logo is always recognizable. This characteristics of a great logo design is important because people can recognize so quickly from which company a particular communication originates. If you use an image, it must also be recognizable without the company name. This of course has in part to do with building awareness, but also with choosing the right image and appearance for the industry in which you operate. For example, an image can portray the company name, as with Apple, but this is not necessary. It does make it easier to link image and company name. In any case, the design must fit your company, so that there is no confusion with other brands.

4. Unique

It is quite difficult to design both a recognizable and unique company logo. Within certain sectors, a certain image is often chosen, which is recognizable, but far from unique. Carpentry companies, for example, often have logos with a hammer in them. So you can quickly see that it is a carpentry company, but which one? It is therefore important to clearly distinguish yourself from the competition. It’s always smart to do some preliminary research and list out competitors’ logos. That way you can see what has already been done and how you can distinguish yourself. Uniqueness is an essential quality of a good logo.

5. Suitable for the industry

It is very important that a company logo fits the industry in which a company operates. Serious service providers must have a logo with a serious appearance, so calm colors and a sleek design. Would you enlist the help of an accountant with a slightly too playful logo? Probably not. In other sectors this can be very appropriate. For creative companies or brands that are aimed at children, it is very good to choose a playful design.

Designed for the target audience This point is appropriate for the industry and often goes hand in hand. Do pay some extra attention to mapping your target group. For example, are the customers mainly men or women? Business or informal people? All these kinds of factors should be included in the design in order to appeal to the target group as much as possible.

6. Versatile

As mentioned, a company logo is used for all communications. At first you may think mainly of the website and stationery, but also think of business cards, billboards or corporate clothing. A strong logo must be suitable for all these types of applications. A professional designer will know exactly how the design should be put together.

7. Scalable

Another important characteristics of a great logo is that it must be flexible in use. This not only concerns the use, but also the format. After all, a logo must come into its own in all dimensions, from email signature to billboard. It must therefore be recognizable in all formats and the quality must not deteriorate during scaling. This must be taken into account in the design. In addition, the logo must be supplied as a vector file, because only then is it unlimited scalable.

8. Flexible

Not only does the company logo have to be flexible in terms of size, it is also handy if the logo also works in other colors. For example, it will regularly happen that the logo is printed in black and white. Is it still strong and recognizable? And what if it is depicted against a background in a different color than usual? Can the colors be adjusted without sacrificing quality?

A professional graphic designer would be able to sort this out for you. Incorporating all these characteristics of a great logo design will help your business thrive in the long run.

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