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Every conversation about logo design starts with this statement – “I want a logo!” But this does not help a designer to design a logo. It helps to know what type of logo you want, what do you prefer and which style do you like ? Below all the different types of logos plus inspiration to draw from.

1. Typographic logo

The easiest and most accessible for new businesses is to create a typographic logo. Not only that they are one of the styles that adheres to the principles of effective logo design the best, typographic logos are also the most simple and time-resistant logos. It is a logo with a well-chosen font that suits the company, without additional design elements. Below some well-known and less known examples of a typographic logo:

canon logo

disney logo

2. Typographic logo with a wink

Typographic logos with a wink have been very popular for a number of years. There is a little pun in the logo (very clear or a bit more hidden) that makes your lips smile. This is my personal favorite because it is stylish, subtle and evokes an emotional response.

pencil logo

wine logo

3. Letter logo / monogram

The letter logo or monogram is very classic. As classic as they are, they still fulfill the benefits of logo that makes them a popular style until this very day. Many older companies use this, although it is also used by newer companies. Does your company have a name of a person to stick around, such as Albert Heijn or Vroom en Dreesman, or is the abbreviation of your company almost more famous than the name itself? Then a letter logo might be a good choice. With an unknown company I would put the full name underneath, unless you really only enter the letters as a brand.

4. Combination logo

A combination logo consists of the company name plus a logo element. It is the icing on the cake, but it makes the logo a bit more complex. An advantage is that the element itself can also be used separately for, for example, elements on the website or your stationery.

5. Emblem logo

An emblem logo consists of a clearly framed text or background. They are usually solid and robust logos. It can be used for many different businesses, but you will see most of the emblem logos in the hospitality industry.

6. Isolated symbol or icon logo

An element without the company name is only a good idea if you are famous and everyone knows your brand. These types of logos used to be combination logos with a text next to them and are now so well known that everyone knows what they stand for. They are instantly recognizable and this is a gold characteristics of a great logo that all designers strive for.

7. You can also not care

But you can also ignore it all; some logos are combinations of the above designs. It doesn’t matter as long as the characteristics of a good logo is applied.

More famous brands sometimes use the icon, sometimes the text and sometimes both as a combination logo, depending on where it is used. WordPress uses a number of variations of the logo according to their corporate identity document https://wordpress.org/about/logos/ . You do not always have to choose, and as long as the logo remains recognizable, you can choose to vary in your brand expressions.

8. Flexible identity

A relatively recent development is the flexible identity. This is a logo or corporate identity design that can easily be themed. This is especially a good idea when the content of the brand can mean different things. The Natural History Museum deals with different themes such as earth, plants and animals, which is reflected in the different expressions of their brand.

The best example of this can be found in the Netherlands: the University of the Netherlands has made a suitable U for each theme, which shows that the videos with scientific lectures are very diverse.

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