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benefits of logo for a company

A strong logo is a powerful marketing tool. It is recognizable and responds to the feelings of your target group. This way you entice potential customers to call on your products or services. And that is no different in the digital world. Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia will describe the benefits of logo for your company in this post.

Have you seen Forrest Gump? The film is about a simple boy with a low IQ, who gradually grows up into a millionaire through a few coincidental situations. At one point Forrest unwittingly buys some shares from a ‘food company’.

As it turns out, he unknowingly made a fantastic investment because he is actually talking about Apple Computers. As a viewer you will be subtly informed of this. The well-known logo of the colorful, bitten apple comes into the picture.

logo is actually a symbol of the soul of a company. A good logo design is a visual identity of a product that helps to stand out and be recognizable.

Studies show that every individual is confronted with advertisements and brands on average 5,000 times a day. In some cases (a day of shopping for example) this can even amount to 20,000 impressions.

However, it is possible that not every product is recognized, because the article in question does not have a clear logo. For every business – regardless of size – it is important to create its own brand identity.


Celebrated German fashion designer Karl Lagerfield once said logos and branding are so important. In much of the world people cannot read French or English but they are fluent in recognizing symbols. Great designers adhere to several principles of logo design while remain creative around it.


Making a good first impression remains important to have a long-term impact on end users and business partners. Since the logo usually provides the first impression, it is important to have a logo that is beautiful, smart and creative. It must perfectly express your corporate culture.


There are millions of offline and online businesses in the world, with thousands offering similar businesses or products. A brand logo helps them to distinguish themselves from the competition. Moreover, a consumer can distinguish their brand from all other products or services on the market.

Belgium, for example, has a rich tradition and a wide range of chocolate shops. Yet customers always know that they are entering a Leonidas store – well-known chocolate shop in Belgium.


Another advantage of logo is that it provides a quality guarantee to a product. If the mobile phone in your hand bears, for example, an Apple or Samsung logo, you can be sure that the device is sturdy and of good quality.

You wouldn’t trust a similar device from another brand as easily. Companies therefore spend time, effort and money to ensure that their logo is perceived as professional and reliable.


Of all available online stores , customers seem to prefer to shop at web shops with a good logo. Once a case has won a customer, a logo can work as retention, but the first conversion remains the most difficult.

The average conversion score of an online visitor is only 1 percent. A good logo attracts customers and builds trust, which increases the chance of conversion. An interesting logo can act as a magnet and make customers curious to try a product or service.


One of the benefits of logo is that it serves as the face of a brand. Customers remember this symbol and remember when they need your product or service. This is one of the qualities of a good logo that pays in the long term.


One huge benefits of logo that is adopted by many brands is that they convey a message with their logo. The oil and gas giant BP renewed the company logo by referring to ‘Helios’, the ancient Greek god of the sun. With this they wanted to express that they do more than just fossil fuels, including solar energy.

The logo of Amazon – the largest online store in the world – shows a smile that runs from A to Z. This suggests that they offer an incredibly wide range of products with a smile. Finally, Mercedes-Benz has a three-pointed star as its logo, which refers to their presence on land, at sea and in the air.

amazon logo


From the above arguments you can deduce that it is very beneficial to have a logo. But it is even more important to have the right logo. A logo with a suggestive message may be misinterpreted and thus damage your brand.

Large corporations have the resources to spend huge budgets on marketing. Small businesses, on the other hand, need years to build up their publicity. Or even not overcome that at all. Having the right logo will save tons of marketing effort as it tells your audience right away what your business is.

There are a lot of different types of logo out there. Getting the right one designed will make a huge difference.

  1. Avoid plagiarism. Use other logos only as a source of inspiration.
  2. Keep it simple with a minimalist design.
  3. Try different variations, don’t get stuck on the first proposal.
  4. Use the correct colors (combinations).
  5. Avoid using images in your logo that you found online. That can lead to copyright violations.
  6. A logo must last a long time. It shouldn’t come across as old-fashioned or dated within a few years.

Are you interested in making a logo that catches on?  Checkout this logo design tips from us! You can also contact Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia to create a compelling logo that ignites the visibility of  your company. We are happy to take care of the development of your logo at affordable prices.

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